Street Smart: Back to the Basics

by Marissa Monett, Contributing Writer

Street Smart Ders 02

Though finding a well-dressed man on this campus is definitely possible, I often find myself losing hope as I pass the overwhelming amount of bed heads and sweats on University Ave. It’s not like I expect guys to plan out their next outfit from head to toe every night, but a little effort is always appreciated. Trust me, boys.

Alas, many guys reading this are laughing and thinking, “Fashion sense? I’m a guy, Marissa.” Well, allow me to introduce Anders Mark Mathiasen, a man whose outfit proves that knowing how to style yourself correctly does not have to sever your masculinity. Pairing a casual blazer with a plain white tee and tailored pants, he combines essential pieces for a look that is both manly and put together.

As an exchange student from Denmark, Anders (who goes by Ders) definitely brought his impeccable European fashion roots with him. However, his clean, laid-back style is one that he doesn’t seem to over think. He laughed shyly when I asked him where his clothes came from, admitting that he honestly couldn’t remember. Then when I asked if he thought that he dresses a little better than the average man on campus, he laughed again and said, “Nah, I don’t think so.”

So to all of the wonderful men here at the UW who swear by their disheveled, “athletic” looks: please know that dressing well does not mean that you have to try too hard. As Ders demonstrates, it’s all about the basics. A wardrobe stocked with blazers, sweaters, plain tees, jeans, and neutral pants is all you truly need. However, don’t be afraid to add your own flair. Ders’s pick? Striped Socks.

Street Smart Ders 03

Here’s the Breakdown:

Name: Anders Mark Mathiasen

Year: Junior

Major: Education and Theatre

Wearing: “Uhh…I don’t know so much. I know that my shoes are Henry Lloyd. That’s basically it, I think. I don’t know the rest. Oh yeah, my underwear are Calvin Klein.” Gray Blazer; White Tee; Navy Blue Pants; Multi-Colored Striped Socks; Suede Boots – Henry Lloyd

Personal Style: “Um random pick-outs…randomly lucky.”

Fashion Advice for Men: “I don’t think they should be afraid to wear blazers, you know? Like this I’m wearing right here. I think you can wear them casually – you don’t have to be in like a suit or anything.”

Spotted: Tuesday, September 17 @ 12:30 pm – Gordon’s Bean and Creamery line

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