DIY: Creative Game Day Shirts

by Alyssa Sage, Fashion News Correspondent


Amelia 1

To any bona fide fashionista, a Badger football games is the prime opportunity to showcase style while still displaying school pride.  We all strive for that effortless game day look that suggests we threw on the first Badger shirt in sight and negotiated with hair and make-up from the night before.  In reality, our typical pre-game day routine consists of a frantic, last minute consideration of every red item in our closets.

Along with an effortless appearance, we all want our game day ensemble to be a unique pop in that sea of red.  After awhile, the go-to Wisconsin tee, jean button-up, leggings and red bow combo gets old.  An original game day look can be achieved easily with the items that already exist in your wardrobe.  Believe it or not, there are many creative ways to approach that endless collection of Badger t-shirts in your closet.

Amelia 4

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Amelia 3

This first DIY look requires an over-sized Badger t-shirt (several sizes than your own) and a few safety pins.  Start by putting both your neck and arms through the neck hole of the t-shirt.  Once you’ve adjusted the shirt to the desired fit, tuck both sleeves into the band of the neck hole secured around your chest.  Depending on how tight the shirt fits around your chest, safety pins may be necessary to hold the sleeves in place.  In less than 30 seconds the over-sized t-shirt you found on the clearance rack at the bookstore can be transformed into a stylish dress.


DIY game day

For this second DIY look, you’re going to need a Badger t-shirt, scissors, and ribbon.  To achieve this “Wisco”-inspired look, start by lightly tracing a “W” on the back of the t-shirt with a pencil or fabric chalk.  It’s a good idea to use a ruler just to ensure the bold “W” is straight and aligned.  Once the “W” is drawn to your desired size and font, use a scissors to cut it out.  To add creativity to the shirt, line the “W” with ribbon.  The shirt can be worn with or without a bandeau, depending on how daring you’re feeling on a given game day.  For this design, choose a fitted t-shirt so the “W” doesn’t get too baggy to read.

Thanks to the rise of the ever-popular art of DIY, there are now ways to put your ever-growing stack of Wisconsin tees to fashionable and creative use.

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