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Men’s Guide to Getting Ready

by Andrew Connor, Lifestyle Writer When it comes to getting ready, we all know the clichéd stereotype.  Girls need at least an hour- to shower, do their hair, put on makeup, and God knows what else you ladies do to get ready. However, the average guy is in and out of the bathroom in about […]

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DIY: Creative Game Day Shirts

by Alyssa Sage, Fashion News Correspondent   To any bona fide fashionista, a Badger football games is the prime opportunity to showcase style while still displaying school pride.  We all strive for that effortless game day look that suggests we threw on the first Badger shirt in sight and negotiated with hair and make-up from […]

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Jackson Pollock Splatter Paint DIY

by Andrew Connor, Contributing Writer The fall semester is finally here. I’m willing to bet you’re all struggling with two things: the frustration of rigorous studies, and the boring white walls in your new apartment.  I’m here to help you kill both birds with one stone, with a little help from Jackson Pollock. For starters, […]

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Wisconsin Heart from Pinterest Experiments

DIY: Graduation (Friends Forever)

by Cassy Krueger It’s that time again: As I alluded to in my last DIY, my time here at UW is coming to a close in the next few weeks. I’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting on my last 4 years and, while the departure is bittersweet at best, it’s great for DIY […]

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Instagram Photos

DIY: InstaDecorate

by Cassy Krueger I’m going to let you in on a secret I’ve been excited about for about a week now. Well, it’s not quite a secret. Actually, it’s under-advertised but not secretive at all. Nonetheless, still cool. Walgreens now prints Instagram photos directly from your smartphone. All you’ve got to do is download the […]

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DIY: Spring Nail Art

by Cassy Krueger With the sunshine and rising temperatures, I’ve got spring and summer trends on my mind. Winter is finally over and I couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, the end of spring break means the semester is really kicking into full gear, so most of us don’t have time to spare for celebrating. Instead, I’ve been expressing […]

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DIY: Bottle Cap Crafts

By Cassy Krueger Happy spring break!  Since the weather’s not quite keeping up with my spring fever, I’ve been expressing myself through crafting.  A lot of crafting. This is one of my personal favorite projects because it’s really easy and the possibilities are endless.  Here’s what you’ll need: Modge podge. If you don’t have any, […]

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spring shoes

DIY: Get Your Shoes in Shape for Spring

By Cassy Krueger  Long gone are the days when I appreciated snow-lined streets and waking up to puffy white flakes outside my window. I’m ready for sundresses and bright colors. I’m beyond ready to stash away my winter boots until next year, hoping that I won’t hold so much disdain for them then. I’m sorry, […]

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DIY: Repurposing Old Candles

By Cassy Krueger  Any self-respecting college student needs something pleasantly fragrant to cover up the smell of neglected laundry and day-old Keystone.  Some people prefer incense or air fresheners. Personally, I’m into candles. If candles are your preference as well, then you’ve probably also experienced this: A surplus of candles burned down to the point […]

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DIY: Container Gardening

by Cassy Krueger The weather may not be exactly frightful but the warmer weather of spring isn’t quite in the forecast, either.  It may be a bit early to fully anticipate spring but now is the perfect time to think about gardening!  Where you live—whether that’s a house, apartment, dorm room, or otherwise—makes no difference […]

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