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Paris je t’aime, a shameless plug for study abroad

by Chloe Karaskiewicz Some Americans leave Paris disillusioned; missing the idealized image they arrived with and disappointed by the real thing after Hollywood’s interpretations. But for me, Paris is still magic. It’s better than I ever dreamed it could be, more intensely full of art and history, life and culture. For some people, Paris is a weekend trip […]

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How Not to look like a tourist

MODA How To: Not Look Like a Tourist

by Jen Anderson, Fashion Writer The most embarrassing part of traveling is looking like a traveler. Admit it, you just want to enjoy your beignet in the French Quarter without a New Orleans native pointing out that you’re so obviously not from Louisiana. It’s all about the appearance. If the native can’t tell that you’re […]

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Parisians Love This…

by Chloe Karaskiewicz Spring has (finally) arrived! This, in Wisconsin, means you discover that you do indeed have neighbors, and no, you don’t live in a ghost town. In Paris it means you suddenly get hit with the full magnitude of the city’s population. There are people in the street, in the gardens, on fountain […]

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Cage Oz

Nightlife à la Parisian

by Chloe Karaskiewicz Here it is: the long awaited truth about Parisian night life. It’s no Madison, to be sure, but Parisians have some big cultural difference that put a new spin on after-hours extracurriculars. First of all, the legal drinking age in France is 18 and bar life is very big. But drinks are […]

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Paris Map

Right Bank, Left Bank

By Chloe Karaskiewicz If you’ve ever read The Great Gatsby, you know about East and West Egg, both wealthy neighborhoods but distinguished by the age of their money. Paris is a bit the same: bisected north and south by the Seine, the city has evolved almost separately on each bank, creating two very distinct atmospheres and habitats, […]

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The Eiffel Tower

The Tourist

by Chloe Karaskiewicz Paris has been immortalized in literature, film, visual art of all shapes, sizes and mediums, and with good reason. Dating back to medieval times, the city served as the head of a powerful monarchy, the center of religious and political turmoil, and as a haven for immigrants from all over the world. […]

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Foreign Exposure

By Chloe Karaskiewicz The U.S. is often referred to as a nation of immigrants and as someone with heritages from all over Europe; I thought I understood what that meant. And then I moved across the pond. With immigrants making up 11 percent of the French population, and Paris as a microcosm of the country, […]

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L'Arc de Triumph de l'Etoile

A Cultured Culture

by Chloe Karaskiewicz Paris is a city of art: the past is part of the present in a perfect, harmonious union that celebrates the richness of the city’s culture. From the architecture to the people, this blend of history and contemporary is a very big part of life here. Architecture Palaces, medieval hotels, 13th century […]

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How to Pack for Spring Break

by Emma Leuman It’s almost palpable, the way the entire campus seems to buzz collectively in anticipation of spring break. You begin daydreaming of getting out of the slush and into your sandals. The only thing in your way: the inevitable packing session. It’s something has to be done, but is usually put off until […]

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Black tea, yogurt and toast

A Foodie in France

by Chloe Karaskiewicz When was the last time you sat down to a meal with everyone you live with? When was the last time you spent more than a half an hour at the table? When was the last time your home-cooked meal was several courses? In the U.S., we plan our family meals, drink […]

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