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Café Review: Bradbury’s

by Sage Conrad, Contributing Writer I happened upon Bradbury’s soon after moving to Madison and it became a fast favorite. The café lies across from the Children’s Museum on the outer loop that makes it a convenient ten-minute bike ride from most places on campus, with the perk of retreating from the class-to-class hustle and […]

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Café Review: Indie Coffee

by Marissa Monet, Fashion Writer Indie Coffee, located on Regent Street, might be a little south of the trek most students make to class, but don’t let that be an excuse not to visit. With a bright atmosphere, live music, and great coffee, Indie Coffee is worth the small detour. The first thing any coffeehouse-lover […]

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Café Review: Johnson Public House

by Barbara Gonzalez, Contributing Writer This past week I was fortunate enough to discover the introvert’s ultimate paradise on East Johnson Street: Johnson Public House. This café is located a convenient ten minute bus ride away from campus, close enough to be a quick get away, but far enough that you won’t run into anyone […]

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Late Night Alternatives: The Old Fashioned

by Jenna Wrobleswski, Contributing Writer So it’s Friday night and you’ve found yourself out and about, party hopping with your friends. One apartment leads to another and before you know it, you’re absolutely starving. You want to grab a bite to eat, but this time you’re hoping to switch things up. Ian’s has the best […]

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Restaurant Review: DLUX

By Corinne Burgermeister, Lifestyle Editor DLUX is a new favorite spot to downtown Madison, making a name for itself through its wonderful menu and vibe, at any hour of the day. Upon entering the restaurant, the bar is looks trendy and inviting. Plenty of large bar chairs surround the counter, making the area a great […]

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Your Guide to Madison’s Restaurant Week

by Corinne Burgermeister, Social Editor Restaurant Week, one of the city’s most popular traditions, is quickly approaching and it’s time to start making plans. This semi-annual event provides Madison residents with an opportunity to dine at some of their favorite restaurants at lower rates than usual, perfect for a foodie or a college student. Three […]

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Madison’s Winter Menus

by Samy Moskol As the temperature drops a bit more each day, a handful of local restaurants are putting a creative spin on the Wisconsin winter’s lack of plenty, with dishes and drinks that will surely warm your insides. Winter eating… Harvest Since Capitol Square’s Harvest Restaurant is “farm-to-table”, its menu is based on what […]

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State Street Brats, Madison

Top 5 Places to Watch the Badger Game

by Sam Garigliano The following are some extremely serious and dire real-life scenarios: a) It is an away game. b) You can not find or afford a ticket. c) You want to take a week off from wading through red throngs of drooling and incapacitated, barely-conscious Badgers. d) You want to take a week off […]

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Best Bloodys in Madison for Game Day Morning

by Heidi Arenberg, Lifestyle Editor There’s just something about the Bloody Mary. And while as a 21 year old, I like to consider palate refined and my preference for alcohol ranging past watered down beer, I do have to admit–the name kind of freaks me out. Excuse me for not being totally thrilled to sit […]

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Indie Coffee

Fall Beverages Worth Skipping Starbucks For

By: Paige Schultz and Chloe Karaskiewicz Whether you’re looking for a delicious latte to drink while strolling through the farmers’ market or you just need a quick pick-me-up before class begins, crisp autumn mornings beg to be accompanied by warm, fall-inspired drinks. However, instead of choosing the typical Starbucks fix, we urge you to go a little outside […]

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